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RailSport Games - Running 5k

08 Sat


Participants Details

Bib Number: 60

Name: Michael Cockram

Category: All Ages

Gender: Male

Club: Glenelly Infrastructure Solutions

Result Analysis

Overall Position: 4

Gender Position: 4/8

Category Position: 4/8

Your Result

Event Distance (Km): 5 Km

Gun start time:

Your Finish time: 12:34:05

Finish Time (Net): 00:28:05

Finish Time (Gun): 00:28:05

Split Results

Split Point:

Time at Split Point:

Split Point:

Time at Split Point:

Your Chip Time Is:

Result Analysis

Other Glenelly Infrastructure Solutions Members

Overall Position Athelete Category Gun Start Time Net Time Gun Time Start Time Average Speed Details
Colin Towers All Ages 00:28:30 00:28:30 00:28:30 View Details
Tara Watson All Ages 00:32:47 00:32:47 00:32:47 View Details
Zoey Smith All Ages 00:32:53 00:32:53 00:32:53 View Details
Alex Hunter All Ages 00:32:59 00:32:59 00:32:59 View Details
Kevin Conway All Ages 00:51:51 00:51:51 00:51:51 View Details
Caitlin Conway All Ages 00:52:01 00:52:01 00:52:01 View Details