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Tour of the Dengie 2019

02 Sun

Cycling (Sportive)

Participants Details

Bib Number: 1407

Name: Michael Stimson

Category: All Ages

Gender: Male

Club: Maillot Noir

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Event Distance (Km): 82 Km

Status: Finished

Start Time: 11:19:02

Finish Time: 13:36:21

Average Speed: 35.83 km/h

Standard: FinisherFAQ

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Other Maillot Noir Members

Bib Number Finish Time Rider Standard Club Start Time Average Speed Details
1328 13:29:26 Brad Adams Finisher Maillot Noir 11:19:02 37.73 km/h View Results
1371 13:05:06 Trevor Harris Finisher Maillot Noir 11:19:02 46.39 km/h View Results
1404 13:55:55 Warren Smyth Finisher Maillot Noir 11:19:02 31.36 km/h View Results